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*The Principle & Value of Time*

Exploring the Discipline of Self-Management & our Mindset

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*What is Black Time*

What is Black Time? If Black Lives Matter; how come Afro/Caribbean’s time does not seem to matter. Do we understand the concept of the value of time?

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Vaccinations - “WHERE ARE WE AT NOW & WHAT's NEXT?”

*your chance to ask the experts a question on Vaccinations*
3 months later, we AGAIN ask the … *Professors, Scientists, Doctors, Researchers*
*Weds 25th August 2021 @8pm (UK Time)*

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*Overcoming Procrastination*
*Overcoming Procrastination* : Skills on: – • Consistency • Discipline • Dedication • Success *Mental & Transpersonal Psychology Awareness* • How does one overcome procrastination and anxiety? • How can one develop & master the art of Dedication & Commitment, Discipline & Success? • How can one overcome the feeling of being stuck, overwhelmed, and being confused of the next step to take?
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Mental Resilience: Empowerment Tools*

• How do you *Get Out* of that undesired:
“Relationship – Job – Abuse – Poverty – Loneliness”
• Stuck in an uncomfortable situation!
• Settled in a sticky position!
• When do you decide enough is enough?
*Be empowered to SET YOURSELF FREE*

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*Religion vs Spirituality*

• What is Religion?
• What is Spirituality?
• What is the Mental impact of Religion?
• What is role of Spirituality in finding meaning in life?
• What is the impact of Religion on & in our lives?

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*Spirit, Soul, Body & Mind*

• What is spiritual Identity?
• What is the function of the Mind?
• What is the impact of the Soul on the Body?

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*What is your Purpose on Earth?*

• Are we all created and born for a Purpose?
• What is the Purpose of your life?
• How do we find our purpose?
• How do we know when we have found our purpose?

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Control Freaks & Narcissism a *Personality Disorder*

• Neurotic Control Freaks
• Manipulative or Controlling Behaviour
• Transpersonal Psychology or Spiritual Psychology

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Narcissistic Behavioural Patterns & Awareness

• Do narcissists realise the damage they place on families?
• Can narcissists ever truly fall in love?
• How do you heal or recover from a relationship with a narcissist?
• How can you protect yourself against destructive narcissists?
• How can a narcissist heal, as they too need help?

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• Is AI able to overtake humanity?
• How do we benefit from AI & Is AI a benefit to modern day society?
• Should we be concerned about AI?
• What do we need to understand about AI?

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HUMAN TRAFFICKING - Modern Day Slavery Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaign

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PRISON TO PURPOSE *Rehabilitation & Restoration*

• Can one ever be truly reformed from the life of crime?
• What processes are required in place to allow that transition? • How about their mental health and wellbeing?
• What services are offered and what else could be offered in Prison?
• What after care is available from the services you provide?

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Living in fear of the children

• How can we manage situations of bullying from children?
• How can the system support parents?
• How can family relations be improved?

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*Missing Black Children & Missing Black People*
Organisations & the Community *UNITED* with a common GOAL

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*What Defines Adulthood?

• Taking a look at cultural Identity be it… African … West Indian … Asian or a Westerner what determines adulthood?
• Does experience define adulthood?
• Do responsibilities define adulthood?
• What defines us as adults, or grownups?
HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin Coach Brenda Dempsey – my publisher & friend. Coach & Business Entrepreneur Tahir Saleem

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Ethnic Roots – Morals & Values

• Have we lost our lost our ethnic moral compass and values?
• Have we adapted to the Western society so much that we have lost our own identity?

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Women in Power* & *Women in Charge

Will a woman ever be able to replace the importance of a man?
Are women changing the narrative of family & home dynamics?
Are women in leading roles a threat to machismo?

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Community Affairs & Awareness
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Life after Vaccinations

Professor Rotimi Jaiyesimi – Medical Specialist
Dr. Vita Khaki – Biochemistry & Molecular Biology based in USA
Professor Edward Kunonga – Public Health Consultant
Ms. Juliana Ansah – Health Care Specialist

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Former Mayor – Cllr. Sanchia Alasia
Cllr Sunny Lambe
Former Major – Cath Convery

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TRUE LIFE STORIES - Living a Life of Purpose - Inspiration & Encouragement

Life with HIV … the ridicule & the stigma. Wadzanai shares her 29 years journey with HIV her being kidnapped, held hostage & a staged accident and how she is now purposely living her life today.

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Ricky Speaks Life

*Born with a brittle bone condition*, a genetic disorder that makes his bones fragile & easily broken, *Ricky considers his story of hope & triumph* as he believes his Life exists for him to share his story offering that same hope to many. Ricky Speaks Life

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Principles & Keys to Success

Principles & Keys to Success …. we are joined by Influencer Kola Adeneye a Business Consultant in Business Innovation and IT.

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Business Start-ups, Business & Personal Growth

• How do we start or grow a business in a Pandemic?

• How can we prepare ourselves for a business change and how do we manage a diverse business plan?

• How do we manage ourselves for success?

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Keys to Success & The Principles of Success

*Q1*: Should we marry outside our own circles?

*Q2*: Should you have a relationship with someone that is at the same level as you are?

*In* … Wealth, Fitness, Intellect, Intellectual, Philosophies, Morals, Attributes, Principles

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• What voices do the child in us sound like?
• What do we feel in our moments of quietness?
• What do the voices whisper?
How Our Childhood Shapes Our Future!

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Keys to Success & The Principles of Success

Guests: Coach Charles Khiran & Coach Brenda Dempsey

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How to get your groove back!

Guests: Shane & Fatima , Christiane Ameya,Valeria Robinson

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What is Love, and how should love be defined...

Guests: Rianna Scipio

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Mental Wellbeing & Awareness

Guests: Simon Blake OBE , Caroline Namugabi

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Mental Wellbeing & Awareness

Guests: Simon Blake OBE , Caroline Namugabi

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Hopelessness vs The Fear of The Unknown

Guest:  Sandra G. M. Jarvis & Beata Bikowska

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TIME TO LET IT GO - Would you like to stop the past from ruining your future!

Guest: The Mind Coach – David Rahman

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Local Business & their Inspirations

Christmas Presents – Giveaways – Promotions

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The Power of The Mind : Embracing Change

Guests: Sid Cordle MBE & Coach Sandra Rodney

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The Power of The Mind : The Art of Forgiveness The Power of I AM

Guest: Author RJ Banks

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The Power of The Mind & The Mindset : The Law of Attraction, Meditation, Affirmations

Guests: Dr Sylvia Likambi ; Consultant Leah Dixon ; Coach Sharon Kings

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Are we conditioned by the music or influenced by the movies we watch, do books shape our reality?

Guests: Podcaster Norma Ellis

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The Power of The Mind : The Testimonies : The Stories

Guests: The Tony Anthony & Coach Jim

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The Power of The Mind : Are we the Masters of our Destiny? Can we Change our Future?

Guests : Community Advocates

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Protests in The UK 2020 - COMMUNITY VIEWS